The Eklektric Heartbeat

Eklektric was founded by Jim Sides, a Northern California resident and a successful entrepreneur and businessman with over four decades of international experience in the entertainment industry. From his roots as a working musician, sound engineer and producer to senior management roles in several of the industry’s greatest brands, he spent many years based in Europe and has worked in over thirty countries worldwide, co-founding two globally successful pro audio manufacturers along the way.

What We Do For You

Eklektric offers a skilled network of experts, available to provide international contacts, knowledge and industry prowess to our clients, no matter where you are located. We convey an energetic and unique mix of competencies to launch big ideas, negotiate budget considerations, and provide custom action plans and solutions. Manufacturers, Distributors, Production Designers, Musicians, Technicians, and Engineers can all benefit from Eklektric’s collective expertise.

How We Eklektrify Your Business

By inputting strategic thinking, technical knowledge and real world entrepreneurial skills and experience, we achieve an output of results that take your business to the next level. We execute carefully designed business development and marketing plans with agility; using an expert global team of associates to bring your big ideas to life.



 We Elevate & Expand Your Business



Comprehensive, in-depth evaluation and guidance for business growth including finance, core strengths, competitive positioning, and external reputation.

Optimization of value propositions to fit evolving customer needs, market conditions, and trends.

Providing the ‘20,000ft view’ of unbiased and impartial advice from a holistic & experienced viewpoint.


Policies: Establishing consistent and sound sales policies and procedures

Structure: Creating transparent and accountable sales framework

Reporting: Maintaining oversight and control throughout the sales process

Insights: Optimizing CRM systems to capitalize on potentials and trends

Relationship management: Building new client relationships and assuring long-term retention


Partnerships: Forming alliances with key players to achieve collaborative success

Routes to market: Developing effective and responsive global delivery systems

Logistics: Drive efficiency and cost control to maximize profitability

Finance: Optimizing cash flow through international channels and currencies


Market analysis:  Refining products and services offered to gain competitive advantages

Market positioning:  Addressing vulnerabilities and enforcing strengths

Brand development:  Defining company profile, maximizing brand recognition, and public perception

Product launches:  Bringing innovation to market with maximum impact

Press relations:  Managing your message through social media, press relations and promotion


Trade shows: Evaluation, planning, management, and post-show analysis

Product demos: Realistic, meaningful and relevant events that produce sales

Coordination: Integrating the efforts of top-notch contributors to achieve success


Evaluate your prospects:  Consider how other companies will evaluate your company and its value

Prepare for the event:  Review and optimize your current structure and performance to help achieve the best possible valuation

Organize the process:  Develop the required documents to sell prospective partners on your company

Find the right prospective partners:  Bring a comprehensive network of senior industry and financial contacts to bear

Narrow down to final candidates:  Identify the serious contenders and promote a competitive field

Work through the negotiation process:  Utilize deep experience in M&A deal structures

Close the transaction:  Work with you, your attorneys, and accountants, to finalize the transaction

Why Choose Us?


Eklektric brings to the table proven methods that can be applied to all aspects of your business from training and mentoring staff & talent, to full business analysis of areas of improvement – and then finding the best solutions based on your individual needs. This is not a one-solution fits all approach.


We bill you on your needs based on analysis and work involved during the process, so that you can get the most for solutions relative to the expense.


Our ability to expose you to sales avenues and channels previously out of reach, or off your radar, in addition to our local, national, and global contacts maintained by Eklektric founder and CEO for the past 40 years.

Are you ready to plug-in?

Our consulting draws influence from many experiences gained from 35+ years of being actively involved in the industry. Our globally based, highly specialized experts possess distinctive music, technical, audio, manufacturing, sound design & engineering, and entertainment industry knowledge. These traits are mixed with our highly acute business skills, which will kick-start powerful ideas. We strategize depending on your needs to provide an all-encompassing range of services within the global entertainment industry.

Simply – Eklektric focuses and guides clients through the global entertainment industry as a business – focusing on the client’s specific requirements and needs – We call this Eklektricity and for the record, we’re pretty good at it.