“I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest thanks to all of you, my colleagues and friends, for taking the time to describe, often in great detail, the times we have spent working together and producing great results in the audio and entertainment industries throughout the years.” – Jim Sides

The below endorsements are a testament to what Eklektric is capable of, and the dedication of Jim Sides and his team bring to your project.

Andre Serafini | Owner & Founder

“In the early days of my business, Jim Sides was a mentor and an invaluable source of knowledge, insight and direction to me. Over the last 20 years, that relationship has evolved into a valued friendship. There are very few people in this industry that have maintained Jim’s level of knowledge and business acumen; while never sacrificing his integrity, and continuing to maintain the relationships he has built along the way. From his days at Apogee Sound, Nexo, to the time at Meyer and most recently with the launch and rapid growth of VUE. Everywhere Jim goes and everything he pursues is infused with his attention to detail and pursuit of excellence. With the amount of experience, contacts and talent that Jim has, everything he touches is destined to turn to gold.”


Beachsound INC.

1001 Park Centre Blvd
Miami Gardens, FL 33169


David Morgan | FOH Engineer

“Throughout his long and successful career, Jim has consistently participated in the creation of innovative technological products that have helped to propel the advancement of the professional audio industry. Whether he was representing Apogee Sound, Nexo, Meyer Sound Labs or, most recently, VUE Audiotechnik. Jim Sides has been deeply involved in the development, production and marketing of audio technologies that have pushed our industry in its expansive, ground breaking direction. In his demeanor, Jim is affable, extremely knowledgeable and completely professional. Over the years, our interactions have always been positive and fruitful. I wish him all the best in his newest endeavor, Eklektric. I am sure that Jim will bring the same energy, experience and facile industry knowledge to this project as he has throughout his work history.”


James Taylor Tour

Robert M. Langlois | President & Founder

“Jim Sides and I have known each other since he was my Meyer Sound Representative when I was at Audio Analysts since 2003. Also, we worked together as colleagues at Meyer Sound Labs. I consider Jim one of the few people in our industry that I can always trust and count on for telling the truth and for always doing the right thing. I consider Jim a friend in a business world full of acquaintances. There is no one I consider more knowledgeable in our industry than Jim Sides. I wholly recommend him for his skill level and expertise!”

Second Opinion Audio LLC.
4740 Forge Rd Suite 108
Colorado Springs, CO 80907


Eytan Gidron | Owner

“I have known Jim Sides since 1990 when my company, Betty Bam Sound & Light became the distributor for Apogee Sound in Israel and Jim was one of the owners of Apogee Sound and my main contact person. Jim and I worked together for many following years establishing Apogee Sound in the Israeli market. With our combined skills utilizing business and market development, including PR and product development, we made Apogee Sound a big success in Israel. Not only is Jim very professional, but he is a pleasure to work with.”


PO Box 21724,
Tel Aviv 6121701, Israel


Heinrich Schuster | CEO

“I met Jim Sides in 2006 when he was with Meyer Sound. I could have listened to him talk about the industry, development and audio innovation till morning. He answered all my questions about Meyersound (at that time I was looking for a renowned audio brand to represent and distribute in Romania). His level of knowledge in this field is rare and hard to equal. In 2014, I organized a presentation for VUE Audiotechnik, where he is a co-founder. I had all his support when he came personally to Romania, as his presence and support was extremely important to me and my clients. With such a comfortable character, endurance and routine he has my respect and I’ll save him a position in my future projects, as I know I can always rely on him.”


051206 Bucharest Romania


Tony Torlini | General Manager

“Jim Sides and I have worked closely together on the launch of VUE Audiotechnik within the UK when I was Sales Director at Fuzion Ltd and Jim worked directly with VUE. I found Jim to be an extremely motivated and focused individual with a clear understanding of what was needed to achieve the goals set out for VUE. Jim comes with many years of experience with very successful companies and it was clear from the start that he has a well-grounded perception of what is achievable and how to implement strategies to achieve set goals. His experience allows him to see the situation from all relevant points of view helping him to recognise the best possible outcomes. He clearly is able to grasp all aspects of running a business and what is needed in all areas to pull together a successful operation. Plus he is a really nice guy to do business with.”

Kelsey Acoustics
& Head of Sales / Optikinetics Ltd


Nigel Watson | CEO

” I had the pleasure of working with Jim Sides on several projects between 2009-2011. Jim arrived with extensive knowledge of the field, a clear vision and the ability to connect diverse people to shape a common goal. His determination and good humor- even when obstacles turned up along the way- made working together a positive and enriching experience.”

Film & TV Music & Song Production

MMC Studios Coloneum Geb. B
Butzweilerstrasse 255
50829 Cologne


Phil Murphy | CEO

“It has been a pleasure to know Mr Jim Sides for a number of years now. Jim is a true gentleman of the professional audio industry. He has over many years honed his skills and gained experience as a central figure in the global entertainment technology industry. Jim’s experience of working with high quality brands and broadening their reach into international markets, can be of immense benefit to any company or individual who wishes to grow their presence from the local to the regional stage and beyond. When you believe the time is right to take your business to the next level, I would certainly recommend connecting with Eklektric to benefit from their creativity, and strategic knowledge.”


Coda Group Pte Ltd, Singapore.


Flemming Sørensen | Owner

“Jim has fantastic empathy towards humans and deep understanding of our business, he excels in working with companies in developing their operations, marketing, sales channels and financial challenges. I can only recommend any company or individual to draw on Jim’s expertise! There are numerous companies in Europe and around the Globe, who have been happy to have him get involved in designing business models and international market strategies.”


FS Consult ApS
Aadalen 309
DK 9700 Brønderslev


Daniel Joseph Rucerito | Co-Founder & Managing Director

“From 1998-2002, I had the fortunate opportunity of working with Jim as an independent representative of Nexo USA Inc. During this time, Jim exhibited a very high level of professionalism and brand management ability. His natural leadership skills and personable qualities uniquely set him apart from the competition. Over the past three decades, Jim’s positive track record of achievements in the professional audio and global entertainment industries stand as a living testament to his amazing talents and capabilities. He is well respected and highly regarded as a man of integrity. Jim is an intelligent, hard working, dedicated and extremely genuine individual who radiates waves of enthusiasm, excitement and high energy. I feel confident in saying that he is highly capable of managing and overcoming any new challenges that may come his way. Most importantly, he is someone that leads with heart and passion.”


Jollybright LLP


Michael Freyer | CEO

“Thoughtful leaders are needed in the entertainment industry to allow businesses to succeed and to amplify the creative potential of other executives. Since I met Jim Sides over a decade ago, I have watched him take on challenging, diversified projects in all sectors of the arts and regions of the world. His ability to turn opportunities into success stories with regularity is matched by none. A unique blend of creativity, passion, business expertise, and wide-ranging network of resources allows him to approach challenges with greater depth. Jim formulates strategies based on his profound sense of integrity to take You or Your business to new heights as well, just as he has done with mine. You will have missed a tremendous opportunity if you do not seek Jim’s insight during your next stage of growth.”


oveRNight RN Inc.
584 2nd Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118


Christopher Buttner | President

“I had the good fortune to work with Jim as Apogee Sound’s Marketing Director in the early/mid-90s and was always impressed by his natural sales and marketing abilities. Whether it was developing a marketing, publicity, advertising, and/or trade show campaigns to assisting in executing proposals that continually closed new and diverse international business –one of his strongest traits – I was always impressed by Jim’s knowledge, focus, and casual ease in the way he got the job done. Having kept in touch all these years, it’s been an impressive ride watching Jim work with iconic established brands and launching several, now well respected, start-ups. As a consultant, and based on his track record of success, I can only surmise he’ll be as equally, if not more, successful as he has been with every company he has worked for over the decades.”

PR That Rocks
PO Box 494
Murphys, CA 95247


Joe Hesse & Sally Hesse | Owners

“When we first met Jim Sides he was working with Meyer Sound. He flew down to Los Angeles from Berkeley, California to meet us as we were interested in becoming a Meyer Dealer. Jim was and is bigger than life! We were so impressed with him and his clarity, and sincere ability to present himself and Meyer Sound. He is a consummate professional, has a very warm and uplifting personality, and he did everything he could to bring us on board with Meyer. Right there, that day, he changed our lives. Thank you Jim!”



MSS Audio Services
Santa Clarita CA


Mark Johnson | Program Director

“By turns, over the past 30 plus years, Jim Sides has been a competitor, and a colleague. In that time he has consistently and successfully worked to help create or build some of the most respected brands in Pro Audio. In each instance, Jim was intimately involved in the creation of unique brand marketing, orchestrating, and managing sales channels, and developing national as well as international business models for those brands. Jim’s experience and insight into the world of high-end professional audio makes him a valuable resource for any company or organization seeking to start, or grow within the global entertainment marketplace.”

Full Sail University

Former editor of Sound and Video Contractor and Church Production Magazines, and Sales & Marketing at Meyer Sound

Terry Lowe | Publisher

“Jim Sides is one of the consummate professionals in the pro audio industry. I have personally known Jim nearly 20 years and have seen his accomplishments in the market with many of the industry’s leading companies. I have full confidence that Jim would be of great value to any undertaking he is tasked with.”


FRONT of HOUSE magazine.


Wolfgang Neumann | CEO

“I first began working with Jim in 1988 when I opened my first business in Germany as a AV production company. His insights and encouragement were extremely helpful to making a great success of that company. Over the years, Jim has become a fantastic resource for me in my other businesses with his global entertainment contacts and business acumen. His experience and wide skill set are second to none. Work with him and you will be glad you did!”



Schabbach Enterprises
Homburger Landstraße 42C,
60435 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Larry E. Hall, Jr. | President

“I am happy to refer Jim Sides to your organization. I have known Jim since 1997 when we met in Las Vegas, Nevada while Jim was involved with NEXO. After briefly meeting him at a trade show, he NEVER forgot my name. It was twelve years later before we would do any business together and Jim treated me as though only ten minutes had past since we last spoke. Jim simply has the knack of remembering faces and names. I am sure you will see plenty of referrals that will talk about how technical or business savvy he is, and ALL of that is true. For me, business dealings are all about relationships. Jim builds relationships. Let him build relationships for you.”


HAS Productions, Inc.
4114  N. Pecos Rd, Suite 101
Las Vegas, NV  89115


Barry Grzebik | Owner

“Jim has been shaking things up and making things happen since I first met him in the early 90’s. By then he had already established himself as an honorable and effective entrepreneur and statesman.   In those days he was my boss. We traveled the world together designing and selling sound systems for use in high profile events and facilities. It was a great education in how international business is done and the skills I acquired continue to serve me well today. With the launch of Eklektric, I expect great things to come for Jim and his clients.”


Grzebik Design Group
543 Amber Way
Petaluma, CA 94952


Jerri Sue Dawson | Singer & Songwriter

“After almost forty years of being a professional singer and artist, I can tell you without doubt that the times I’ve worked with Jim Sides are at the top of my best gigs list. A consummate professional, Jim not only insures everything goes smoothly but also makes sure it’s fun and stress free. Because he’s worn so many hats in his long career in the entertainment industry, he has such a unique perspective & energy. Whether it was from behind the scenes as producer or on stage as emcee, he set everybody- the crew, artists and the total event itself up to shine. If you have a chance to work with Jim, don’t hesitate for a moment to do so!”




Singer/Billboard award-winning songwriter
Reno Jones


Frank Wells | Audio Industry Technologist and Journalist

“Having successfully opened new markets and launched brands across the globe, Jim Sides is perfectly suited to launch his new venture, Eklektric. Jim’s reputation is rock solid, his contacts list expansive and his experience undeniable. And now he’s offering all those skills on the open market in what will be his next success story.”



Former editor of Pro Sound News.
Former President of the Audio Engineering Society.
Director of Communications of the Audio Engineering Society.
Content and Creative staffer, Clyne Media.
Editor of Worship AVL.
Contributor to Pro Audio Asia & Pro Audio Middle East/Africa.

John K.C. Lee | Former CEO

“I have known Jim since way back in the mid 80’s when he was a partner in Apogee Sound. Tom Lee Music in Hong Kong became their first international distributor and we had a very successful business relationship for many years. Jim has been a great personal friend of mine for more than 30 years.   He is without a doubt a veteran of the professional audio business with a wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience in the entertainment industry. I wish Jim continued success with his new venture Eklektric.”



Tom Lee Music Hong Kong
2/F-3/F, the L Square, 459-461 Lockhart Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong